I’m Christa Lawler, and I spend about lots of hours a day writing stuff: Stories for our mid-sized daily newspaper, book reviews for my best-friend-I’ve-never-met’s website, and random whatevers on my personal blog Blah Blah Blahler, which I’ve maintained since blogging was still an awesome way to chronicle minutia. (Well, I had a different blog before that, but I had to shutter it because that’s what people did with blogs in the mid-oughts).

I’m still in the process of filling this site with content, but eventually it will serve as a sort of feed for all of the different writing I do:

Personal essays.
Book reviews.
Daily stories for the Duluth News Tribune.
Pop culture bits.

When I’m not writing, I’m reading, finding 101 ways to incorporate lentils into meals, and beating myself up about how infrequently I run. Fun fact: In 2004 I came in 6th to last place in Twin Cities Marathon. Beat that.

I live in Duluth, Minn., the most underrated city in the world. It’s full of all sorts of freaks, hippies, and weirdos and I love it here. From a distance, it looks like a hamlet. It is on Lake Superior, the largest freshwater urinal in the world.

I live with my boyfriend Barrett, who is really good at a lot of things like writing, taking photographs, being hilarious on Twitter and drawing. He is also better than me at cooking. We start a lot of projects together including covering hit songs by Kanye West with the smooth stylings of our glo-fi band and a web comic that is in its infancy.

We have a daughter who, at the time of this writing, has revealed herself to be a bald person whose infant craps have assured I won’t eat Dijon Mustard until she’s in kindergarten.

We used to have a 35 pound cat named Toonses, who was really more like a roommate, but he died and it was so horrible that we said we’d never have pets again. Then we realized we had mice, so we adopted two new ones. Orin will comfort you when you sneeze; Hal enjoys parkour.

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