Review: Eddie Money concert

By Christa Lawler
Duluth News Tribune

In the decades since Eddie Money’s MTV hey-day, the raspy-voiced, multi-instrument musician has developed a sort of charming, lounge-singer sensibility.

The 80s-era star touched on all of his hits from the popped-collar, mirrored-sunglasses era during the finale of the Rock the Block series on Thursday night in downtown Duluth.

Money kept things chill with his Vegas velvet-room shuffle. A few wagged hips, a jarred fist here and there. To be fair, Money has never really favored the party boy scissor kicks of his peers. He’s always been more of a foot tapper and microphone spinner. And these days, it suits him well.

His quips — the jokey fare of a favorite uncle — were punctuated with rim shots from the Eddie Money Band.

“I sold 27 million records,” he said. “I should have saved the money. … Who knew?!” (Ba-dump bump).

“I lost $650 at the casino already … Better than givin’ it to my wife.” (Ba-dump bump).

Money wore a black graphic T-shirt, with a button-up over shirt, dark jeans and a pair of Nike kicks and had yesteryear on his mind, with references to Janis Joplin, Ted Nugent and “Saturday Night Live.”

He doesn’t bother aiming for the high notes anymore, with his trademark raspy voice. Here Money deferred to the audience and his band for the chorus of some of his more popular songs — and he hit all his greatest hits. He opened the 90-minute set with “Two Tickets to Paradise.”

Money, who hasn’t released an original studio album since the late 1990s, tested out a new song. He prefaced the slow patriotic number “One More Soldier” with a shout-out to the men and women in uniform.

Things ramped up with “Give Me Some Water,” a trip right into Marty Robbins’ theme park, with its refrain: “Give me some water, cuz I shot a man on the Mexico border.”

Money dusted off the ole sax, and multitasked through an extended remix of “I Want to go Back.” Later he pulled out a harmonica.

Then he teased the crowd:

“You got room for me in your car? Can I stay over tonight? I’ll clean the counters,” he said. Pause. “Take me Home Tonight!”

After “Baby Hold On To Me,” the audience coaxed Money back onto the stage with chants of “Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!”

“Maybe we should move up here. I like fishing and wildlife. I got a lot of friends in Duluth,” the singer said. “And they want to do some … ‘Shakin’!” segueing into the song from 1982.

Money might claim that the kids dig his music — he has a song featured on a version of Guitar Hero — but the swaying, fist-bumping brunt of the fans at the free concert were people who were old enough to make out to “Take Me Home Tonight” back when Casey Kasem was hosting “American Top 40.” The first time.

Despite the rain, about 75 percent of the block of Superior St. between 1st Ave. E., and 2nd Ave. E. was crammed with people, including some who watched from the barred windows of the parking ramp, or “Caaahr-pohrt” as the New York-native called it. Money said it was the best crowd he had seen in years.

This review originally ran in the September 3, 2010 edition of the Duluth News Tribune.